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Welcome to Limitless Design. Our belief is that we as a planet can do much more to beat climate change and poverty.

Limitless Design Sweden Inc. have a long-term vision of upholding a sustainable planet for generations to come, from idea all the way to manufacturing and installation. 

Our business plan is based on selling innovative solutions within the areas of water, energy and agriculture to companies and individuals.

With our set of work ethics, skillset and innovation capabilities we know that great milestones can be accomplished towards our vision, a climate-positive world.

We take pride in delivering unconventional and innovation rich solutions. We are comfortable with being flexible towards our customer and adapt quickly to changed circumstances.


Our goals demand engineering solutions where there are climate problem areas caused by the humankind’s negative climate impact.

Therefore, to achieve our goals we need to deliver design solutions in every (un)imaginable industry and sector.

That's why we are Limitless Design.

torra Fields

Quality of Life

Improve the quality of life worldwide to help eradicate poverty.



Increase reforestation and decrease deforestation.

Ocean Water

Deliver sustainable solutions for the rising freshwater shortages.




Innovate new solutions for an easier transition to a sustainable world.


We love what we do and challenge ourselves every day to find new perspectives through science and imagination.

Our inspiration comes from mother nature itself. The core of our organization is based upon trying to replicate natural ecosystems and its harmony as it is. Then, through LEAN theories, further optimize the design with regards to different factors as for example ergonomics, quality and economics.
This is our DNA.

We want to help developed countries and individuals around the world to become more climate smart by offering efficient and practical solutions.

We want to help developing countries with various problems in fields such as water, electricity and agriculture.

Ultimately, we also see us working on projects that would help all of nature, animals and organisms included.

A vision at our scale requires a great teamwork on a local as well as a global scale. We acknowledge that fact and therefore welcome other corporations to join us in our work towards a brighter future.

ingenjörs~~POS=TRUNC Plans


and Rendering

We deliver high quality 3D models and renderings of customer requests.


Turn your 3D request into a functional model. An animated process solution will further help your basis for a highly efficient product.

We can illustrate the flow of your process for a better understanding of possible bottlenecks and development areas.

Design Drawing

We offer complete design drawings.

Business Development

We offer fact-based recommendations of process developments to help our customers achieve their goals.

We offer a tailored Lean solution for our customers’ needs with cost-efficiency and process agility in mind.

What distinguishes us is not only the result but also the journey. We combine our DNA with a high degree of data collection and involvement of the stakeholders that are affected by the processes we develop. This contributes to a cultural change that encourages process developments and lesser resistance to change of working methods. Although processes can be very cost-oriented, the customer now has flexible and change-positive operations that can better compete in the market.

Project Management

We offer our broad expertise to streamline our customers' projects. We apply our process development theories for a better managed project with an agile project group that can handle fluctuations throughout the project.

We can also offer to include all our other services to lower project costs and to offer greater control over the results for our customers.

Product Development

We offer our services to help our customers meet and exceed product demands of the market.



This unit is capable of cleaning oil for recycling. A design with functionality and service in mind. In an otherwise ergonomically demanding work environment, this unit has easy accessability for its workers.

We can offer engineering solutions from PI&D to complete manufacturing- and installation drawings.

Contact us for more information on what services we can offer you.



(Process development)

The purpose of this pre-study was to investigate how the customer could decrease the cycle time for one of its sub-processes. To meet their future market goals.

The sub-process consists of a robotic cell which glues windows for its driver cabs, with a cycle time of 8,4–9,5 min.

The project resulted in several improvement proposals, where one of which had an estimated cycle time of less than 6.5 minutes, on the same area. With a relatively short pay-back time.

A report, STEP files and rendered illustrations of the best improvement proposal was delivered to the customer.

Contact us for more information on how we can help to develop your business.


Potential customers who would benefit from our services are customers in need of technical solutions of different levels.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.


Everything from a simple production drawing to a complete process solution that comes with a complete 3D model as well as renderings and animations for presentations and process development purposes.


For businesses who want to streamline their operations, we can offer fact-based suggestions within Lean principles on how the business could work to improve its processes.


Further, we can also offer the delivery of any technical solutions that these improvements may require.

Contact us  |  Tel: +4672 - 311 06 99

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